Bento - lunchboxes

Glass bento 'Nara' with bamboo lid

Because glass and wood are still among our favorite materials around food because healthy and very easy to recycle or reuse, this bento is a classic that will allow you to enjoy all your dishes...

Price 24.90€

Bamboo bento 'Nagano'

The most classic model of our Bento in the purest Japanese spirit with its bamboo lid to bring both elegance and utility as it can be transformed into a cutting board.

Price 19.90€

Rice husk bento 'Himeji' with bamboo lid

No more 100% plastic products to carry your food with this rice husk bento! Lightweight, airtight, with 2 compartments and a beautiful bamboo lid, it is the perfect companion for all your lunches,...

Price 24.90€

Bento 'Nagoya', blue

The Bento, or how to meet our growing desire to eat balanced meals even outside the home! Suitable for all lunches prepared at home, even the most plentiful (1750 ml capacity), this object...

Price 19.90€

Bento 'Nagoya', grey

The Bento, artefact of Japanese tradition, is today very popular in the western world for meals outside the home, combining ease of use (microwave- and dishwasher-safe) with ample capacity, 1750ml,...

Price 19.90€

Bento 'Nagoya', red

The Bento is the best response to the current desire to take with you balanced meals prepared in advance at home, even to the outdoors. With ample capacity of 1750ml and versatile use (microwave-...

Price 19.90€

Bento 'Nagoya', green

If you wish for a balanced lunch prepared at home, even for the outdoors, the Bento is the solution for you. Descended from Japanese tradition, this item combines ample capacity (1750ml) and...

Price 19.90€

Bento 'Kyoto', white

This object comes from the Japanese tradition to eat lunch away from home. This habit is now widely adopted by the Western world. Very handy (it goes in the microwave and in the dishwasher). This...

Price 17.90€

Bento 'Kyoto', blue

Since their childhood, the Japanese carry evry morning their bento, that is to say their lunch box. Good ideas know no border, these boxes are now widely adopted by Westerners to take their meals...

Price 17.90€

Bento 'Kyoto', red

How to enjoy healthy and cheap meals away from home ? The Japanese have known the answer for years : the Bento. This food container can go in the freezer, the dish washer and in the microwave oven....

Price 17.90€

Bento 'Kyoto', green

The Bento is the best way to always eat balanced and hearty meals outside your home while controlling your budget. Originally from Japan, we revisited this food container to adapt it to Western...

Price 17.90€

Bento 'Akita', black, with bamboo lid

One large compartment, an elegant bamboo lid, we wanted to offer you with this model a minimalist and elegant bento offering all the essentials without the useless extra options.

Price 12.90€

Wheat fiber bento 'Akita' with bamboo lid

A natural wheat fiber bento with a single large compartment and a beautiful bamboo cover that can be used as a cutting board. We offer here a summary of what is best for such a low budget.

Price 14.90€
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