Pocket cutlery

Small? Large? A simple blade or multifunctional? Robust or ultra-light? Wood or aluminum? Rather traditional or resolutely modern? If there is an essential accessory for hiking, this is it. There is a Baladéo knife made for you.

Mushroom knife 'Arnold'

This knife is born from our desire to restore contemporary elegance to an ancient tool. With its curved blade and unique rotating brush, it is the essential companion of all your mushroom picking...

Price $28.90

Pocket knife 'Loup de Mer'

This knife is definitely a basic. Affordable, wonderful to have in hand with its unique grip.

Price $16.90

Pocket knife 'Maringa'

A knife that combines tradition and modernity: the warmth of its wooden handle and clean lines perfectly matching its particularly efficient one-hand opening system. All for only 87 g!

Price $28.90

Pocket knife 'Altamira'

Discretion is the key word for this knife. Its camo handle perfectly blends in the landscape and it black blade prevents any reflection.

Price $28.90

Carabiner 'Cliff', blue

A half micro-serrated knife and a saw hidden in the handle of a carabiner! Whether attached to your bag or to your belt, it will accompany you at all times.

Price $22.90

Carabiner 'Cliff', red

With its 2 blades, half micro-serrated knife and saw, this carabiner will surprise more than one. To attach to your belt or bag, it will quickly become an indispensable partner.

Price $22.90

Pocket knife 'Amarillo'

A pocket knife in sober lines but enhanced with a Damascus blade to confer a more striking personality.

Price $33.90

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 7 functions, blue

Baladéo innovates by offering one of the most compact multifunction knife with a mini price price without compromising on performance or finition: built in a first class stainless steel , robust,...

Price $13.90

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 7 functions, black

A classic of the cutlery world re-thought by Baladéo. This multifunction knife meets all expectations : compact, sturdy, sharp. You will also appreciate its ergonomics handle that eases the tool...

Price $13.90

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 7 functions, tech

The 'tech' version of our 'Barrow' multifunction knife with a black blade and a gun color handle! Always the same comfort and essential functions in the most reduced and lightest format fitting a...

Price $16.90

5 functions cutlery set 'Basecamp', grey

Strong, durable, lightweight, this camping cutlery set is also beautifully packaged in a great neoprene pouch. To be enjoyed during your daily journey as well as your around the world trip.

Price $20.90

Multitool 'Oregon', 6 functions

All the essential tools in a mini multifunction tool that can fit in your pocket or be attached on your keys.

Price $22.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', ebony

The Papagayo knives are now available in a classic style with a granadilla wood handle. This wood is usually used to craft musical instrument such as flutes, as it is particularly strong and hard....

Price $22.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', olive tree wood

The Papagayo knives, created in 2012 by Baladéo are now available with a wooden handle. This model features an olive tree wood handle that perfectly highlight the elegant lines of this pocket...

Price $28.90

Papagayo kid

Finally a knife 100%-designed for children! With its ultra-simple push-button blade-locking system for opening and closing and rounded tip, your child will be able to use it safely. We also...

Price $16.90

Stainless steel cutlery set 'Montreal'

To end up with disposable plastic cutlery, we designed these stylish cutlery held together with a discreet little leatherette sheath to focus only on the essential, the pleasure of eating.

Price $18.90

Pocket knife 'Steelcraft'

This all stainless steel medium size knife reveal its quality when held in hand. Ergonomics handle, sharp blade, belt clip and paracord.

Price $28.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', red

Colourful, with a wonderful soft touch, compact, sharp, the Papagayo should surprise you. Adopt them all and match their colours with your mood.

Price $16.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', turquoise

Should I take the purple one or the pink one? unless the red ... well the lime green is excellent too but I really do enjoy the turquoise one. We, at Baladéo, will not help you to choose your...

Price $16.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', lime green

1, 2, 3 ... Orange! dare a bright color for this remarkable knife. Cuts as well as its red buddy, or its pink one, purple one, turquoise one, ultramarine blue one …

Price $16.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', purple

Should I take the purple one or the pink one? unless the red ... well the lime green is excellent too but I really do enjoy the turquoise one. We, at Baladéo, will not help you to choose your...

Price $16.90

System knife 'Flip'

Slide inside your pocket this classic post-war knife that we revisited to place it again under the spotlight. Lightweight, strong and compact, the blade completely disappears when you close the...

Price $22.90

Black carton gift box

A very nice gift box for our pocket knives. Suitable for most of our products thanks to an inside soft foam.

Price $5.90

Folding knife 'Oxford'

Ultra-thin and very strong, this Baladéo creation revisits a classic cutlery by bringing this small touch of modernity that makes all the difference. Once in your pocket, it will become a...

Price $16.90

Large bamboo cutlery set 'Nagano'

What a pleasure to eat with durable wooden cutlery rather than plastic! Especially since here, we do not limit ourselves to the 3 standard cutlery pieces that are the fork, the spoon and the knife....

Price $9.90

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