Outside meals

For a meal at the office, a coffee break, a picnic in the park, or a late-afternoon snack, Baladéo has no shortage of ideas to accommodate your urban wanderings.

Bento 'Akita', black, with bamboo lid

One large compartment, an elegant bamboo lid, we wanted to offer you with this model a minimalist and elegant bento offering all the essentials without the useless extra options.

Price $11.90

Bento 'Kyoto', blue

Since their childhood, the Japanese carry evry morning their bento, that is to say their lunch box. Good ideas know no border, these boxes are now widely adopted by Westerners to take their meals...

Price $17.90

Bento 'Mihara', black, with bamboo lid

Leave the ready-made meals aside by opting for this Baladéo lunch box made in a practical format that you can take with you wherever you go. Sustainable and compact, it closes with a natural...

Price $29.90

Bento 'Nagoya', blue

The Bento, or how to meet our growing desire to eat balanced meals even outside the home! Suitable for all lunches prepared at home, even the most plentiful (1750 ml capacity), this object...

Price $20.90

Bento 'Nagoya', grey

The Bento, artefact of Japanese tradition, is today very popular in the western world for meals outside the home, combining ease of use (microwave- and dishwasher-safe) with ample capacity, 1750ml,...

Price $20.90

Bento 'Nagoya', red

The Bento is the best response to the current desire to take with you balanced meals prepared in advance at home, even to the outdoors. With ample capacity of 1750ml and versatile use (microwave-...

Price $20.90

Bento 'Nagoya', green

If you wish for a balanced lunch prepared at home, even for the outdoors, the Bento is the solution for you. Descended from Japanese tradition, this item combines ample capacity (1750ml) and...

Price $20.90

Bamboo bento 'Nagano', black, with bamboo lid

The most classic model of our Bento in the purest Japanese spirit with its bamboo lid to bring both elegance and utility as it can be transformed into a cutting board.

Price $23.90

Glass Bento 'Iwaki' with bamboo lid

While avoiding plastic packaging, Baladéo innovates and creates a sustainable lunch-box, made only of soft and responsible materials. A thick bamboo cover protects the all-glass compartment, for a...

Price $23.90

Bottle 'Flat' 420ml, grey

If you can never put your water bottles in school bags or computer bags, this ultra-flat version is made for you! With a large capacity of 420ml despite its small size and dressed with an elegant...

Price $11.90

Insulated bottle 'Nagano', bamboo lid, 500ml

Fall for the deliciously modern design of this Baladeo bottle. Equipped with an isothermal bamboo cap, it will keep your drink without risk of leakage, while maintaining its temperature thanks to...

Price $29.90

Glass bottle 'Reisui', 500ml

With this model, we offer you all the benefits of glass combined with the pleasant touch of heather gray neoprene and the elegance of the bamboo cap to enjoy your favorite drinks at any time.

Price $17.90

Insulated bottle 'Onsen', Silver, 500ml

Enjoy all your favorite beverages whether hot or cold with this double-walled bottle offering a perfect seal and a very pure design. Customize there too with your favorite color thanks to our...

Price $23.90

Pocket knife 'Amarillo'

A pocket knife in sober lines but enhanced with a Damascus blade to confer a more striking personality.

Price $41.90

Pocket Knife 'Higonokami', bamboo handle

Inspired by the art of Japanese cutlery, Baladéo mixes traditional shapes and materials with all the practicality of our current pocket knives. A slim and efficient result, thanks to a folding...

Price $47.90

Pocket knife 'Papagayo', skinny, exotic ash

Light, light, very light. The true enemy of hikers is the weight. We created this knife for all those who want to lighten their backpacks. To do so, we focused on the basics: a half serrated blade...

Price $35.90

Pocket knife 'Papagayo', skinny, G10

Let's make it clear here : if you do not like this Papagayo knife, we are not talking to you any more. Unless you prefer the pink one, the orange one, the lime green. Well :just pick the colour...

Price $35.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', ebony

The Papagayo knives are now available in a classic style with a granadilla wood handle. This wood is usually used to craft musical instrument such as flutes, as it is particularly strong and hard....

Price $35.90

Folding paring knife 'Papagayo', olive tree wood

The Papagayo knives, created in 2012 by Baladéo are now available with a wooden handle. This model features an olive tree wood handle that perfectly highlight the elegant lines of this pocket...

Price $35.90

Folding knife 'Oxford'

Ultra-thin and very strong, this Baladéo creation revisits a classic cutlery by bringing this small touch of modernity that makes all the difference. Once in your pocket, it will become a...

Price $23.90

5 functions cutlery set 'Basecamp', grey

Strong, durable, lightweight, this camping cutlery set is also beautifully packaged in a great neoprene pouch. To be enjoyed during your daily journey as well as your around the world trip.

Price $21.90

6 functions cutlery set 'Papagayo'

Complete with its 6 functions, light and protected in a reinforced neoprene cover, this cutlery will accompany all your meals, for faraway journeys as well as lunches in the park.

Price $29.90

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