Multifunction tools

At Baladéo, of course we know that a multifunction tool can never replace a full toolbox. Of course, but it always comes through in a practical pinch and is readily available for all kinds of trouble-shooting. In a glove compartment, under a cycle saddle, on a belt, or in a drawer, a multifunction Baladéo tool finds its place in any situation.

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 7 functions, blue

Baladéo innovates by offering one of the most compact multifunction knife with a mini price price without compromising on performance or finition: built in a first class stainless steel , robust,...

Price 11.90€

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 7 functions, black

A classic of the cutlery world re-thought by Baladéo. This multifunction knife meets all expectations : compact, sturdy, sharp. You will also appreciate its ergonomics handle that eases the tool...

Price 11.90€

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 7 functions, tech

The 'tech' version of our 'Barrow' multifunction knife with a black blade and a gun color handle! Always the same comfort and essential functions in the most reduced and lightest format fitting a...

Price 14.90€

Multitool 'Oregon', 6 functions

All the essential tools in a mini multifunction tool that can fit in your pocket or be attached on your keys.

Price 19.90€

Multitool phone holder 'Angus'

Compact, stylish and always with you, you will quickly wonder how you did before owning this multifunctional phone holder.

Price 19.90€

Multifunction card 'Handy Plus'

With the size of a credit card, this tool was created to help you cope with all the unexpected situations and even more because it offers an essential function nowadays : The phone holder! And as...

Price 7.90€

Key organizer 'Foxy'

No more keys wandering in your pocket or in your bag! With this organizer, optimize the storage without damaging everything around.

Price 14.90€

Multifunction card 'Handy'

A maximum number of tools in one product of the size of a credit card including an amazing phone holder function particularly effective. Cut, saw, open, measure…as much as you want, and take it...

Price 4.90€

Multi-tool 'Tech' (L) V2.0, 12 functions

Ideal for all who do not consider nomadism and do-it-yourself foreign concepts. These pliers forged in 420-grade stainless steel of the highest quality will provide reliable service at any time...

Price 34.90€

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 11 cm

A sturdy knife, ideal companion for all your walks and hikes. Its core functions as the knife or the can opener are secured with a locking system, which guarantees your security when using them. We...

Price 29.90€

Key multi tools 'Key'

If you want to always have on you the essential functions of a mini-tool without encumbering you, this model is made for you! With its key-shaped design, it will be forgotten among your other real...

Price 9.90€

Multi-tool 'Arizona', Zebrawood, 19 functions

A nice a comfortable handle, a solid construction, and a wide variety of uses thanks to the socket with magnet. This multitool with 19 functions will never leave you stranded.

Price 49.90€

Multifunction tool 'Phone holder'

Multifunction cards have been around for decades but we wanted to revisit them by incorporating today's essential functions. This model is born from the need to keep inclined our electronic devices...

Price 4.90€

Multitool 'Tech' (S), 11 functions

Multifunction pliers small in size but sizeable in quality of construction and ergonomics. Equipped with all the essential tools, it will serve you whenever needed. In addition, its light weight...

Price 24.90€

Multifunction knife 'Barrow', 9 functions

A sturdy knife, ideal companion for all your walks and hikes. Its core functions as the knife or the can opener are secured with a locking system, which guarantees your security when using them. We...

Price 14.90€

Multifunction knife 'Barrow Tick', 9 functions

So that the lovers of our four-legged friends are not forgotten, we declined our knife multifunction 'Barrow' with an integrated tick-grip. Daily companion during all your travels thanks to its...

Price 19.90€
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