2 in 1 magnetic torchlight 'Proxima'

We decided here to bring out the lamp of our childhood in its format while endowing it with the latest technologies in lighting with new LEDs both powerful and very efficient in energy consumption.

Price 24.90€

Magnetic torch light 'Vision'

This innovative lamp is both a flashlight able to light up to 10m, a useful DIY lamp thanks to its panel of many new generation COB LEDs for diffuse light and a signal lamp thanks to its powerful...

Price 19.90€

2 in 1 rechargeable magnetic torchlight 'Proxima'

We offer with this lamp a concentrate of tradition with its vintage form and modernity with its powerful LEDs and especially its rechargeable battery that allows you to finally end up with the...

Price 34.90€

Torch lamp 'Vision' (S)

A small torch light for everyday use. Compact, efficient, running with only one AAA battery, this lamp should soon be part of your everyday life.

Price 9.90€

Torch lamp 'Vision' (XL)

At once of a formidable output of 600 lumens and of an imposing size of 26.5cm, this lamp impresses in all domains. We have also dedicated particular care to its reliability as to its elegance: to...

Price 59.90€

Rechargeable torch lamp 'Vision'

Powerful with its 750 lumens although compact (only 17.1 cm long), it offers in addition the comfort of use of a rechargeable battery of high capacity. No more last-minute shopping for spare...

Price 59.90€

Torch light 'Vision' (L)

The perfect combination of the power of 300 lumens for illumination up to 200m and the comfort of an optimal grip. Simply rotate the top of the lamp to focus the beam to experience all the...

Price 39.90€

Diving light 'Jürgi'

A formidable lighting power (110 lumens) for only 4 AA batteries, magnetic switch, waterproof up to 100 m (we tested it for you!), The Jurgi diving light is stunning for several reasons, starting...

Price 29.90€

Torch lamp 'Vision' (M)

Despite the reduced size of this model, the 3W LED is capable of delivering 150 lumens to illuminate up to 100m in all conditions. Whether at home or in your car, you'll love to use it every time...

Price 24.90€
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