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Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', bamboo

Listening to the music of your phone or tablet in the open air while adapting wonderfully with its environment is the vocation of this speaker with bamboo cover. And thanks to its featherweight and...

Price 29.90€

Powerbank 'Bamboo', 2600mAh

This emergency battery (Powerbank) lets you recharge your mobile electrical equipment via its universal USB output so that you will never again find yourself running out of power during an...

Price 14.90€

Powerbank 'Stone', 2600mAh

Combine the technology of the 2600 mAh battery with the mineral of its shell to transform this charger into a veritable stone! Surprise your friends by plugging a cable into what seems like a small...

Price 19.90€

Powerbank P2500, white, built-in cable

No battery power and no place to charge a smartphone or tablet is a common occurrence of the modern world. With this Powerbank providing supplemental power, you will never again find yourself in...

Price 14.90€

Powerbank P2500, black, built-in cable

How to never relive this situation we all know so well: a smartphone or tablet battery with no power and no power outlet nearby. With this emergency battery (Powerbank), you now have the answer, in...

Price 14.90€

Wireless headset 'Mamba'

With these Bluetooth® headphones, the wires will never wander around anymore in front of you or in your bag, especially because of the magnetic tips htat allow you to hold them together around...

Price 24.90€

Bamboo phone holder 'Dock' V2

We offer with this model a compact phone holder and an elegant natural simplicity. Thanks to it, you just have to insert your smartphone or tablet to watch all your videos without any effort.

Price 9.90€

Leather case for powerbank

Dress up your 4000 mAh powerbank with elegance thanks to this beautiful leather case offering a clever system to take it out easily in order to recharge it. With its slots designed to accommodate...

Price 14.90€

Cable 3 in 1 'Heathrow', 1m, grey nylon

We’ve all had to recharge our mobile devices during the day before reaching home, and before even finding a computer or an emergency battery, we need a connection cable. This model specially...

Price 8.90€

Cable 3 in 1 'Heathrow', 1m, black nylon

Operating with micro-USB, USB-C and the latest Apple® devices, this cable will quickly become your daily companion in combination notably with our emergency batteries.

Price 8.90€

Cable 3 in 1 'Heathrow', 1m, brown PU leather

Use this cable for micro-USB, USB-C and the latest Apple® devices. With this cable, any nearby USB plug will allow you to recharge all your mobile devices. The leatherette also adds that touch of...

Price 10.90€

Cable 3 in 1 'Heathrow', 1m, black PU leather

At any moment, we may need a charging cable for our mobile devices and also for those devices belonging to the people we find in our company. Outside, we don’t all have the same phone... With...

Price 10.90€

Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', white

Connected in Bluetooth to your smartphones, tablets or laptops, this wireless speaker gives you the possibility to share music and conversation with your friends. Let this device surprise you with...

Price 24.90€

Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', blue

Simply share your music or conversations with friends and family with this wireless speaker as powerful as colorful. Only a few seconds are needed to connect it easily to your phone, your tablet or...

Price 24.90€

Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', black

On your next outdoor adventure, listen to the birds chirping...or to your favourite tunes. Slip this mini-sized, wireless speaker into your bag, plug in your MP3 player or phone, and mellow out to...

Price 24.90€

Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', orange

Colorful, this wireless speaker as the power to effectively amplify any audio source equipped with Bluetooth technology: mobile phone, tablet, computer, ... The best way to easily share your music...

Price 24.90€

Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', red

Set yourself free from cables while on a hike, jogging or commuting. Confortable, powerful, with a wonderful autonomy (6 hours), this wireless headset is also supplied with a cable featuring a...

Price 24.90€

Powerbank 'Pocket +', 10000 mAh, built in cables

Universally compatible : This battery charger (Powerbank) comes with integrated USB ports to charge all your electronic devices anytime, anywhere. Clever: A charge indicator shows how much power is...

Price 34.90€

Solar powerbank 'Algarve', 8000 mAh

An enormous capacity of 8000 mAh in a reduced format and above all in a battery of incomparable elegance. Whether smartphone or tablet, you can recharge all thanks to this model!

Price 49.90€

Powerbank 'City', 8000mAh, white aluminum

We've all run out of batteries, either in town or in the countryside without being able to recharge our devices. Now, thanks to this powerful 8000 mAh charger and its 2 different outputs for...

Price 39.90€

Powerbank 'City', 8000mAh, black aluminum

In the mountains or the city, on a train or on foot, we have all found ourselves without battery power and with no outlet in sight. With this emergency battery (Powerbank), you can now charge two...

Price 39.90€

Wireless speaker 'Peak Bay'

Music is even more beautiful when shared, and what better way to share it than with a compact speaker possessing universally good sound quality. Portable everywhere, add sound to your days at any...

Price 34.90€

Powerbank 'Milan', 6000 mAh

Recharge all your electronic devices with this battery for all epicureans. Thanks to its felt-like coating, you can enjoy the very elegant appearance of a gray-marbled material while maintaining...

Price 49.90€

Solar powerbank 'Algarve', 4000mAh

In addition to recharging via USB like our other emergency batteries (Powerbanks), this model can also recharge itself via solar energy. Thanks to this, your smartphones and tablets will never run...

Price 29.90€

Powerbank 'Bamboo', 5200mAh

With this powerful 5200 mAh emergency battery (Powerbank), you can recharge all your electrical devices when away from a power outlet. The perfect combination of technology and elegance with its...

Price 39.90€

Luminous powerbank 'Lux', 5000 mAh

Powerbank offers a high capacity of 5000 mAh and an elegant rubber touch coating, it will exploit its full potential with a laser engraving on the top revealing the light panel hidden inside to...

Price 49.90€

Powerbank 'City', 4000mAh, black aluminum

An essential accessory to stay connected when your favourite electronic equipment needs to be charged. With its universal USB jack, this emergency charger (Powerbank) enables you to use your...

Price 24.90€

Luminous powerbank 'Bright', 4000 mAh

Because we can not live without our electronic equipments, this backup battery (Powerbank) allows you to charge your favorite devices (GPS, Smartphone, Tablets, cameras, ...) anywhere, anytime, by...

Price 39.90€

Powerbank 'Pocket +', 5000 mAh, built in cables

A useful accessory to stay connected even when the battery of your favorite electronic devices is about to be out of power. With a universal USB output and more important with built-in universal...

Price 24.90€

Powerbank S4400, white

Because we can not live without our electronic equipments, this backup battery (Powerbank) allows you to charge your favorite devices (GPS, Smartphone, Tablets, cameras, ...) anywhere, anytime, by...

Price 24.90€

Wireless speaker 'Sarana Bay'

The 'Sarana Bay' was born of our desire to create a portable speaker combining classic elegance with the essential power of 7W to enjoy deep, warm, resonating bass thanks to its 10cm subwoofer....

Price 99.90€

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