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Mushroom knife 'Arnold'

This knife is born from our desire to restore contemporary elegance to an ancient tool. With its curved blade and unique rotating brush, it is the essential companion of all your mushroom picking...

Price 24.90€

Mini wireless speaker 'Thunder Bay', bamboo

Listening to the music of your phone or tablet in the open air while adapting wonderfully with its environment is the vocation of this speaker with bamboo cover. And thanks to its featherweight and...

Price 29.90€

2 in 1 rechargeable magnetic torchlight 'Proxima'

We offer with this lamp a concentrate of tradition with its vintage form and modernity with its powerful LEDs and especially its rechargeable battery that allows you to finally end up with the...

Price 34.90€

Lantern 'Andromede'

You already know the LED band to fix in all your furniture but with magnets, hanging systems and a USB power supply (Powerbank, laptop ...), it becomes the perfect partner for all your evenings...

Price 24.90€

Papagayo kid

Finally a knife 100%-designed for children! With its ultra-simple push-button blade-locking system for opening and closing and rounded tip, your child will be able to use it safely. We also...

Price 14.90€

Stainless steel cutlery set 'Montreal'

To end up with disposable plastic cutlery, we designed these stylish cutlery held together with a discreet little leatherette sheath to focus only on the essential, the pleasure of eating.

Price 16.90€

System knife 'Flip'

Slide inside your pocket this classic post-war knife that we revisited to place it again under the spotlight. Lightweight, strong and compact, the blade completely disappears when you close the...

Price 19.90€

Pocket knife 'Papagayo', skinny, exotic ash

Light, light, very light. The true enemy of hikers is the weight. We created this knife for all those who want to lighten their backpacks. To do so, we focused on the basics: a half serrated blade...

Price 19.90€

Bamboo bento 'Nagano'

The most classic model of our Bento in the purest Japanese spirit with its bamboo lid to bring both elegance and utility as it can be transformed into a cutting board.

Price 19.90€

Rice husk bento 'Himeji' with bamboo lid

No more 100% plastic products to carry your food with this rice husk bento! Lightweight, airtight, with 2 compartments and a beautiful bamboo lid, it is the perfect companion for all your lunches,...

Price 24.90€

Bento bag 'Hakone', heather grey

Carry and keep all our rectangular bento cold and warm with elegance thanks to this insulated 'Messenger' bag whose shape is reminiscent of a classic satchel.

Price 19.90€

Lunch bag 'Uji'

A complete bag designed especially for all our bentos. This indispensable accessory allows you to elegantly keep its contents cool or warm during your travels and picnics. With its two compartments...

Price 24.90€

Cable 3 in 1 'Heathrow', 1m, grey nylon

We’ve all had to recharge our mobile devices during the day before reaching home, and before even finding a computer or an emergency battery, we need a connection cable. This model specially...

Price 8.90€

Torch light 'Vision' (L)

The perfect combination of the power of 300 lumens for illumination up to 200m and the comfort of an optimal grip. Simply rotate the top of the lamp to focus the beam to experience all the...

Price 39.90€

Double wall mug 'Nagano' with bamboo lid

We have designed this insulated mug to allow you to enjoy your tea or coffee at home or in the office while keeping it warm thanks to its double wall and its elegant bamboo lid.

Price 19.90€

Solar powerbank 'Algarve', 4000mAh

In addition to recharging via USB like our other emergency batteries (Powerbanks), this model can also recharge itself via solar energy. Thanks to this, your smartphones and tablets will never run...

Price 29.90€
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